Sarah started her journalism career in London, working both as a full-time staffer and a freelancer for a variety of national magazines, newspapers, and websites. In both the UK and Hong Kong, she has written across topics covering everything from the curio that is a single bride to the reality of being mixed race in Britain, from London Fashion Week to the power of hypnotherapy, and beyond. These days, she is most interested in discussing identity and culture, wellness, and travel.

Online, her words have appeared on The Culture-ist, Cosmopolitan, Satori, Green Is The New Black, New Statesman, Metro, Huffington Post, Stylist, and The Telegraph. She also regularly writes personal essays on Medium.

Her writing has been printed in Grazia, Marie Claire, The Good Journal, The Times Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Fabulous, OK!, Liv, Closer, LOOKmore!, Chat, Now, and Beautiful Kitchens, among others.

For reference, a few samples of her work can be found below.